The Best Looking Resumes You’ve Ever Seen

In this blog post I have collected the best looking resumes I have ever seen. A qualified guess is that you’ll be as much amazed by them as I am. Use them as inspiration when creating one for your own. I definitely will!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

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Top 5 features I love the most:

  1. Robert Sexton’s cutoutable business card.
  2. Ellen Ternes’ magazine cover cv.
  3. Gary Corr’s unfoldable resume.
  4. Hagan Blount’s life in numbers.
  5. Mike Schmit’s Manga resume.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest
Source: via Anna on Pinterest
Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Which one or which feature do you love the most? Please share in the comment box below!

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26 Responses to The Best Looking Resumes You’ve Ever Seen

  1. aparnauteur says:

    Lovely picks! My favorite is the ‘Writer guy’!

  2. kmstrand says:

    These have to be some of the sharpest, most stylish, artsy, hip, & functional looking resumes I have ever seen! They really drive home the point that you need to custom tailor your resume for the industry you’re looking to get hired into, and landing that dream job… I especially like the 3-D bar-code which can open up a website like So current & shows you are on top of the latest trends!

  3. Outstanding! I’ve been a big proponent for breaking up the “old fashion” resume. It’s good to see people break the rules and the molds. Gutsy, artistic and guaranteed to get you noticed. What more could you ask?

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  5. Your blog is thought provoking and fun. I suddenly feel in good company since my resume wants to be a fairy tail story.

  6. susielindau says:

    Love these! I’ll send it to my son!

  7. All these CVs are special! I particularly like the one in the ocean and the giant octapus! I am so sharing this post! 😀

    • Anna Rydne says:

      It’s really hard to select a favorite! Every time I look at them I see new features and qualities I’d like to add to my own CV. And that’s the point: getting inspiration to create something unique for oneself. Thanks for liking and sharing!

  8. Jeszlene says:

    My current one is a FaceBook timeline, which will be revamped soon.
    I LOVE creative resumes! Thanks for sharing =)

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  10. katiiisays says:

    Favorites: Sylwia, Rob Gough Periodic Table of Me, and Anna Yenia
    Infographic resumes seem to be growing in popularity, I wish my graphic design skills were up to the challenge! For now I’ll just stick to my Pinterest resume

  11. Love the ‘Periodic Table of Me’ and Erica Swallow. An employment consultant told me a couple of years ago that my CV was the best that she had ever seen but these leave mine in the dust.

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  13. Dan says:

    Nice list, thank you for sharing. I would like to suggest a website that help job seekers that don’t have any knowledge at photoshop to also get noticed: it’s called ResumeBaker,

  14. Piper says:

    These resumes look amazing… but do they actually get people the jobs they want? So many design positions I’m looking for require applications to be made with a .doc file that just gets pulled into an application database… losing any design elements I embed in it.

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