Start with Why (And the Rest Will Follow)

Last week I wrote about the most important communication challenge in an organization: to make sure the employees really understands why they’re doing their job.

Not just what to do and how to do it but why. Why their tasks are crucial to the company’s success, in what way their tasks contributes to the company’s goals and why their tasks must be done to ensure the company’s future growth.

Understanding why they are doing something will make employees more motivated, loyal and productive. They connect to the company goals on an emotional level and they feel more inspired.

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All people can learn to inspire others. Simon Sinek is the ethnographer who explains why some people and organizations are more innovative, more profitable, have more loyal customers and loyal employees and, last but not least, have the ability to repeat their success again and again. There is a common pattern for how this type of people and businesses think, act and communicate. And you can learn to do the same thing.

It’s simple: when you want people with you, always start by answering the question “why?”

Watch Simon tell you how in the video below. The clip will completely change your way of thinking about communication skills and marketing.

Are you short on time? Watch at least the first five minutes. I promise you will come back for the rest later!

Have you tried to consistently answer the question why in your communication? Since you started, have you noticed any change in response from your recipients? Please share your experience in the comment box below!

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