17 Responses to What Cinderella Can Teach Top Management About Internal Social Media

  1. What an awesome and unique perspective! I was reading your title with an almost wha? Expression of disbelief but, after reading, very impressed. Great post!

  2. Amanda says:

    When I think of how many emails fly back and forth during a work day…sheesh! Would be easier to “chat” to exchange info/ideas. There is great potential for interdepartmental sharing of info and connecting.

  3. La Pore Masquee says:

    Hi there, about 18 months ago, I proposed to my CEO to use Yammer as an interesting tool for internal social media. He agreed on launching the free-unadministerable version, but would not hear of the payable version, although I did argue that we might face some problem as our company was growing both in size and in geographies. Anyway, we launched the free version… As I am working in an extremely geeky (and male) environement, it took up really well, although the proportion of work-related topics and interests is really small compared to the proportion of “fun” and “entertaining” stuff. 2 weeks ago, my CEO told me that I had to censor some of the postings on that page, because he felt they were really touchy stuff, then he realized that I could not do that, as we were not paying the “company administrated” fee, then he wanted to shut down the thing completly (I let you imagine the uproar it would cause among my geeky millenial colleagues…). He also realized that people who’d left the company could keep on logging into their account, since we had no way to ban them… and so on… So, he had kind of a cinderella moment, but the hard way. Maybe more like a Gremlins at midnight moment… So, when you cinderellize your top management, don’t forget to mention that all this will run wonderfully if you keep the little mice busy, doing the community management 🙂

  4. socialolio says:

    Reblogged this on Socialolio and commented:
    Another great article Anna! People forget top management is pre-occupied running a business and may know ‘about’ social media, let alone ‘internal’ social media, but probably don’t understand it. Time and resources are a major factor. Adding a little “Magic”, as you so eloquently write, may be the bridge top executives need to either get involved or delegate the necessary resources… :-))

    • Anna Rydne says:

      Thank you David for re-blogging this article! I think social intranets are so important, still so hard to get top management to see the point. You’re absolutely right: time and resources are crucial.

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  6. Chad Miller says:

    Killer post, Anna. So very timely and relevant.
    I’m very fortunate to work with an organization that not only is experimenting and embracing social media outlets for its employees, but we’re also creatively seeking opportunities to involve our students as well.
    If your readers follow this guideline to approach top management, it’s practically fail proof.

  7. Excellent strategy for internal communication. Works brilliant when planned and structured and managed rightly. Thank you for sharing knowledge much needed.

  8. sonali says:

    Loved the article- not just the content but also the presentation & the creativity shown in comparing it with Cinderella!

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  10. What a great article even reading it two years after it was written. When I introduced Yammer at the FTSE-100 around 2 years ago, where I am working, we 1st trialled it in IT which didn’t work out ( “why do we need another tool” ), but then I introduced a closed external network to some of our external suppliers that are geographically dispersed and it started to take off. Then introducing Yammer as part of an Intranet refresh in an embedded part of the page and it snowballed, one year on it is now part of the tools that are used to communicate and is just a different way of communicating. Progression…. yes, but it takes time….

    If you think, in 5 years time, we will be approaching 2020 and how many of the workers coming through will be more comfortable on enterprise social tools rather than email. It’s a tipping point I think….

  11. […] Do your CEO and his closest crew say no to internal social media? What’s the reason? Well, it sounds differently in different corporations or depending on who you speak to, but a common answer when management don’t want to engage is this: “We don’t want people to throw away valuable work hours by chatting, irrelevant status up-dating and God-knows-what non work related stuff. And, by the way, social media is probably just a passing fad. So, just let us ignore it.” Ok, who can (or dare) argue? In a way it’s true: Only God-knows-what will happen. It can, as Cinderella says, be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… (and here it comes): Completely wonderful.  […]

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