You And Your Social Media Marketing Are Not a “We”

We have a new product… Our latest service includes … We got an award…

Does it sound familiar? You’ve probably seen it in your Facebook feed (or perhaps you’ve posted it yourself). Many companies tend to self-promote quite aggressively online. And by doing so, they have completely missed what social media marketing is all about.

Social media marketing is not about self-promoting. It’s not about “I”, “we” or “our”. Social media marketing is not about you and your business, it’s about the customers. It’s about bringing customer value.

social media marketing

This post will help you to turn poor social media marketing into a complete success. The only thing you have to do is to follow one easy advice. I will tell you how to start bringing customer value instead of doing self-promotion.

Good social media marketing is about engagement, sharing and bringing value. If you use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter for your marketing, you should know they are places where you interact, where you share your knowledge in a way it’s useful to your customers and where you listen and learn. It’s a place where you get new ideas and it’s a place where communication works both ways. It’s not a space where you place your ad and leave.

What’s the social part in social media?

Social is a conversation, not a message. There’s your answer to the question in the headline above. Many brands only post content about themselves. They send out their messages like they did 1999 or 1972. They think social media is just another advertising space whose only difference from the neon signs on Times Square, Piccadilly Circus or Stureplan is that it’s free. So wrong. Social media is free alright, but completely different guidelines apply to it.

Ever heard about the social media rule? Share ten pieces of others content for every four times you share your own. And not until then you can put up one call to action for your own business.

A very short list of advice for successful social media marketing:

1. It’s not about your features, it’s about my benefits.

I will be very honest with you: I don’t care if your company has a new product as long as you don’t present its benefits to me. I don’t give a damn about if it got you an award as long as it doesn’t give me one. I’m not interested in your public tribute to yourself if your customers don’t say you made them happy too.

Social media marketing is very different from advertising. Still it’s much more powerful. It works like this: people trust their friends. And friends help each other out (they never self-promote). So: be a friend to your customers. Listen to their needs and act accordingly. If you can show how your product or service can solve their problems, then, but not until then, you’ll reap the rewards of your social media marketing.

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Anna Rydne is an award winning and highly skilled communications specialist with +13 years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that she treats communication as entertainment. It's simple to explain why: if it isn't funny or relevant enough, people switch channel. Anna has a special interest in personal branding and she believes the road to success is trying. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, she's determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate. She tweets about all things comms, social media and marketing @CoSkills and writes for once a month. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. Contact her at

20 Responses to You And Your Social Media Marketing Are Not a “We”

  1. Chad Miller says:

    “Be a friend to your customers.” Right on!
    I’ve recently asked myself the question, “How can I address problems and fears with my passion?”
    I believe that once I’m able to answer that question, by helping others get what they want, I’ll ultimately get what I want.
    Great post, Anna! Right on so many levels.

  2. lizknits99 says:

    Very helpful post. Lots to think about here. When sharing content, what credit do you need to give other than the source page, company or person?
    Great post!

    • Anna Rydne says:

      Hi Liz, I think when sharing others content on Twitter, the share itself is credit. On the other hand, saying something nice about why you shared it is always a nice gesture. But if you use other persons content in your blog post for example, it’s important to attribute the quote to the person and link back to his or her site.

      Thanks for asking such good questions!

  3. Brilliant post – love it! I preach the same message to graduates who are seeking employment – “It’s not about you; it’s about them. Stop talking about you, and start talking about the benefit you are going to bring to your employer”. Such an important message.

  4. Love this. It never fails to amaze me when I’m talking to a startup, they show me their Twitter account, and it’s just full of “guess what we’re doing!” posts. No reTweets, no conversations. And then they wonder why they’re not getting anything out of it.

    • Anna Rydne says:

      Exactly, I’m so tired of this kind of social media marketing content! Sure, #SM is a new thing, but if businesses are going to do it – at least they should do some reasearch how to! 🙂

      • Paul Cooley says:

        Great post Anna! I love that you make it about the customer! Because human nature seems to be so self-centered, for the pros that understand they need to make their business about their customers and not about them, they will reap the rewards!

        Keep up the great work Anna! 🙂

      • Anna Rydne says:

        Thank you, Paul! Glad you liked it!

        I think the problem is that many businesses haven’t entered the mindset of social media yet. It’s not complicated, but they have to be enlightened: just as you don’t only talk about yourself if you want to make a new friend, you don’t only talk about your business if you want to make a new customer!

        Thank you for commenting!

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