Like It or Not – One Non-Negligible Reason Why Job Seekers Can’t Ignore A Social Media Resume [infographic]

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Face it, job seeker! Even if you’re more of an outdoor person than an online techie, and even if you feel that creating a social media resume isn’t your thing, there are some brand new facts and figures that prove you can’t ignore how important it is to have a social media resume.

The single most non-negligible reason? Recruiters are looking for it!

It may seem harsh when I say it, but I say this for your own good (OMG! I sound more and more like my mother every day…): If social media hasn’t been your thing so far, and your job seeking hasn’t been very successful either, social media has to be your thing from now on, whether you like it or not. [tweet this!]

Welcome to the Future – a Social Media Resume Is Basic Requirement Today

This infographic by Online Colleges highlights how job seekers and employers connect online, and it clearly stresses the importance of a social media resume for each and everyone looking for a new opportunity.


  • 92 % of employers used social media for recruiting in 2012.
  • 93 % found their candidates on LinkedIn, 66 % on Facebook and 54 % on Twitter.
  • Recruiters like to see your Klout score, number of LinkedIn connections, recommendations and endorsements, your Twitter activity and your blog engagement.
  • 89 % of the recruiters have hired through LinkedIn, 25 % have hired through Facebook and 15 % have hired through Twitter.
  • 1 in 6 job seekers credit social media with landing their current job.

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  1. So true about online being the wave of the future for job recruiting!

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