7 Steps to Move Your Customer Service From Good to Great

customer service

For a business like a cafe or a restaurant, great customer service is crucial for your success. And what is great customer service, if not great communication along with genuine interest in the guests? Tweet this

For this article, I’ve had the privilegie to speak to Alexander Jilkhe, former prize winning barista and owner of Molto Espressobar, one of Sweden’s top 5 ranked coffee bars regarding to quality and customer services (unfortunately now closed down).

customer service

In the list below, Alexander reveals his secrets on how he provided such exceptional customer service that his customers competed to be his most frequent regular. Pay attention, great communication and people skills are the core of his success:

7 steps to move your customer service from good to great [tweet this]

  1. Greet every customer the minute he enters the door. God morning sir, nice to see you again!
  2. Remember each customer’s order so you can offer him what he had last, the next time he comes in. Coffee Machiato as usual? No sugar, right?
  3. Chit-chat with your customers and add certain things they tell you in your memory. Ask them about it next time. How was your vacation? Has your wife recovered from her cold yet? How’s the job search going?
  4. When talking to the customers over the counter, try to involve them in conversations with each other. People appreciate to be introduced to new interesting persons. Make your cafe a place where people meet and expand their network.
  5. Trust people. If you don’t accept credit cards and someone’s out of cash, tell him to pay you next time. The worst thing that can happen is that you lose a few bucks for a coffee. But the most likely scenario is that you got yourself an exteremely loyal and returning customer, who will repay you by far and who will tell others about your tremendious generosity and splendid customer service.
  6. Banish the queue! Take every customer’s order when he walks in, and let him pay only after you served him. The customer will experience that he’ll get to wait less time for his order (even though it actually may take a couple of seconds longer during the busiest hours).
  7. Offer your customers to run a bar tab and pay afterwards on agreed time (week or month) or use a rollodex system for those who prefer to open a coffee account (e.g. put in some money and drink until the cash is out).

Want to learn more?

customer serviceIf you’d like to dig deeper into this topic, I’d suggest you read Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins.

The author spent 5 years trying to find out what differentiates good companies from great companies.

Collins makes many marvellous points, the first being that the right people are your most important asset. By rising above unrealistic optimism, confronting brutal facts and asking questions that lead to the greatest insights (optimal thinking), the leader moves his company to greatness. Read more about the book over at Amazon.

How do you want to be treated in a cafe or restaurant? What’s the best customer service you ever experienced? Please do tell in the comment box below or tweet me @CoSkills.

Photo credit: Molto Espressobar

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5 Responses to 7 Steps to Move Your Customer Service From Good to Great

  1. Gavin Ryan says:

    Excellent tips!
    Anticipating what the customer wants is a great step in delivering an outstanding customer experience. Thank you Anna.

  2. Candice Bueter says:

    Hello Anna! I own a small coffee shop in Prescott, AZ USA. I put forth great efforts to provide warm, friendly and personal customer service to all of my customers. I am struggling lately due to two employees who I recently let go after discovering that they had been rude and disrespectful toward my customers on many occasions. How do I begin to rebuild the customer relationships lost as a result of the former employees behavior? I have lost customers I care about and truly want to turn things around. I feel as though I also lost the respect of other customers who saw what was happening before I was able to see it myself and correct it. Sincerely, Candice

  3. Johnny Shi says:

    I really like what you said about trusting people. It is a really hard thing to do something like that. However, it would build a lot of loyalty and appreciation. Thanks for sharing.

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