The 4 Best Interactive Resumes You’ve Ever Clicked On

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Welcome to the future! These four job seekers have picked up the skills of tomorrow and created some outstanding interactive resumes. [tweet this]

I’ve said it before, but it can’t be stressed enough – whether you think social media is your thing or not, it’s here to stay. And recruiters have a new playground to watch. They’ll be there. Don’t miss the opportunity to be there too. [tweet this]

Thinglink yourself

Emily Turner, founder of the digital agency 100and 40, is most known to the public for setting up the unofficial Mrs John Lewis Snowman Twitter account last year.

After noticing John Lewis had failed to take its popular Christmas ad stars online, Turner set up the account with the intention of sending a few joke tweets to John Lewis. But things escalated quickly and soon she found herself at the helm of the Twitter account boasting two and a half thousand followers.

The rest is social media history. Read the story here, and watch her amazingly interactive Thinglink resume below. [tweet this] (Hover over the picture).


Pinterest your resume

Mark Johnson made a Pinterest resume for an interview with a major advertising agency. [tweet this]

He reported their HR department had never seen anything like this. Four Pinterest boards incorporates his infographics and relevant projects. It’s visual, interactive and engaging.

In the Slideshare below, Mark gives detailed insights into what he included in the boards and how he managed the interview completely without paper.

YouTube your mustache

Matthew Epstein created an epic video resume trying to get Google’s attention. [tweet this] This guy has great actor skills, is hilarious and has lots of personality. The resume went viral on YouTube, and Epstein got 80 job interviews by companies that saw the video.

Did he land his dream job at Google? Click the link at the end of the video!

Slideshare an anti-resume

David Crandall created a Slideshare resume which is like no resume you’ve ever seen before. [tweet this] His ANTI-resume manifesto is the start of the change he felt was needed in his life.

Among his strengths, David specifies x-ray vision, telepathy and superhuman information consumption. He wants to be the voice of a brand, and combine his superpowers with theirs.

Have you created your interactive resume yet? Please share a link in the comment box below or tweet me @CoSkills.

About the author

Anna Rydne is an award winning and highly skilled communications specialist with +13 years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that she treats communication as entertainment. It's simple to explain why: if it isn't funny or relevant enough, people switch channel. Anna has a special interest in personal branding and she believes the road to success is trying. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, she's determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate. She tweets about all things comms, social media and marketing @CoSkills and writes for once a month. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. Contact her at

13 Responses to The 4 Best Interactive Resumes You’ve Ever Clicked On

  1. Great article! I like the idea of making the resume as interactive and visually appealing as possible. It is something I have been working on for the past 3 weeks. I created a PR online portfolio on WordPress, including audio-visuals and infographics, such as Do’s and Don’ts for hiring me: What do you think?

  2. Lego says:

    take a look at this:

  3. Primarily, What you have here on your blog is really helping.

    Secondarily, I have seen yours at Slideshare and surprised why “Anna Rydne” is not included here 🙂
    I cannot resit to ask this how are these ‘Interactive’ resumes… users cannot interact with them, can they?
    Mine is shared in the weblink here.

  4. Olga says:

    Nice Collection, check out mine:

  5. Ioan Oltean says:

    Hi, I love the idea of making the resume interactive and original, as well. So, I made it:

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