Targeted Marketing: 5 Steps To Niche Your Business For Success


I’ll tell you a story about a now closed down business in my neighbourhood. They tried really hard to attract customers. On their sign they spelled out they had pizza, wedding cakes, full english breakfast, or porridge for those who liked it light. They could serve you sandwiches, all kinds of them, or sell you a take away latte if you were on the run. They could bake you the finest pastries or whip up the pasta of your choice. They were open from early mornings to late nights.

They tried to be everything to all. It didn’t work.

Today another business operates in the same premises. It says Bäckerei on the door. People line up on the street for their highly specialized german styled bread as soon as they open in the morning. They’ve usually sold out early in the afternoon.

Why a niched business attracts more customers


People often tend to keep their businesses broad rather than niched out of fear of losing customers. The story above shows you otherwise.

Your customers like to understand what your business or brand is all about. “Everything” is not a good answer, it rather repel than attract customers.

You need to differentiate, niche and position yourself to target the customers you really want to work with, and to set your business up for success.

How to set your business up for success

If you haven’t defined your business yet,  it’s a good time to start now. [tweet this]

Please read on for a step-by-step guide.

1. Dare to narrow yourself


Let’s say you’re a marketer. You have your own business and you’ve been chasing after customers for ages, taking on whatever project they thrown at you.

You need to put food on the table, right?!

Sure you do, but let’s take it one step further. Let’s say your speciality is social media marketing.

Social media marketing is where you’re really brilliant, it’s where you excel, and it’s where you can make a difference for your clients.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that it’s social media marketing you should focus on then.

I’ll tell you why.

Being niched communicates authority and confidence. It says that you’re passionate enough to specialize in one particular area. It says that you’ve gained a certain level of expertise through education and experience, and it says that you’re highly devoted to your profession.

It’s better for your business if you send out a message that you’re an expert at something (rather than being mediocre at everything). [tweet this]

A targeted marketing strategy could be the success factor for a small business.

2. Marry your skills and services


Perhaps the social media marketing stuff you’ve done so far haven’t brought in the biggest bucks to your firm. You can’t rely on it for your entire income, you need to get the other marketing jobs too.

Still, I think you should marry your business services with the skills you excel in. In this case: social media marketing.


Because social media marketing is your strength and passion, social media marketing is where you stand out compared to the other marketing firms in your area and social media marketing is where you can make yourself a name in the industry.

If you niche yourself and reach out to a specific audience, you can actually grow your customer base. With a targeted marketing plan, it becomes clearer to potential prospects which results you can get for them, and it separates you from broader marketing firms in your area.

If a prospect is looking for someone who can handle his social media account, he’ll call you rather than the guy telling the world he’s doing general marketing.

3. Focus where you shine


In our example, we’ve already stated that you excel in social media marketing.

You’re actually the queen of social media marketing! When you swing your magic wand over a social media campaign, you’re getting results for your clients. Really great results.

That’s why you should focus on what you do best. When you niche yourself to a targeted market, you will start to shine all the time – not just on rare occasions. You’ll shine in every job you do!

Your clients will be stunned with the outcome of your work, and they’re will tell all their friends about how great you are.

4. Spell out your expertise to get the jobs you do best


In order to niche yourself, you must let your prospects know about the area in which you’re an expert.

Are they aware of it today?

Well, you’ve written it on your website, and on your one-sheet, pointing it out as one of the services you provide. It’s out there, but it’s not spelled out as your main competence.

As a result, you’ve mostly got other kinds of marketing assignments on your table. Things that you’ve done good, but where you didn’t put in the passion and the extra mile you would have done if it had been a social media marketing campaign. Your clients are satisfied with your services, but not wowed.

Not telling your customers in which areas they can expect miracles from you, is like asking for the wrong jobs. People are not mind-readers! In order to land the jobs you want, you  need to tell them what you do best. (Learn how in #5).

5. Get the word out about the niched you


Social Media Marketing Expert. That’s you. That’s your personal brand  as well as the niche of your business. That’s what you are going to plant into people’s minds. From now on, that’s the impression you’re gonna send out to everyone who comes your way.


  • Say it on your website.
  • Put it on your business cards.
  • Print it in your ads.
  • State it in your email signature.
  • Write it on your social media profiles.
  • Tell all your clients and friends.

What will be your niche? Please tell in the comment box below!

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