Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy


If you’re living in the UK, you have probably seen the John Lewis’ Christmas ad. You may also be familiar with the story of how the snowwoman in last years Snowman Journey got an un-official life on her own on social media.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have the honor to tell you that Emily Turner, the force behind the brandjacking of John Lewis’ Snowwoman, will write a series on what she learned from the @MrsJLSnowman journey for Communicate [your] Skills. What a splendid addition to the content on this site!

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Inventing Mrs JL Snowman – Emily’s story

Last year I brandjacked John Lewis on social media and tweeted in character as the snowwoman from their Christmas ad, ending up in the Evening Standard, The Drum and mentioned by celebrities.

Between 5.30am and midnight for five weeks @mrsjlsnowman sent 3,379 tweets to a 2,500-strong online community who loved all things John Lewis.

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A joke that ended up being a social media lesson

The question I get asked the most is “Why?” It’s a good question.

It was meant to be a three-tweet joke along the lines of “My husband went on a 24-hour trek to the shops and all I ended up with was this lousy scarf set and gloves that are too big.”

It ended up being an intense lesson in social strategy, community management and customer relationships. [more about this after the jump]

The Snowman Journey: Watch the campaign video

Crying out for social media presence

John Lewis’ TV campaign was crying out for a social media and in-store tie-in. It’s a shame that John Lewis didn’t create official snowmen Twitter accounts to build the festive spirit – the follower numbers would have been huge.

Imagine festive in-store grottos with Mr and Mrs Snowman and a “tweet the snowmen” campaign!

Knowing what customers want

What @mrsjlsnowman showed me was how important it is for brands to fully integrate social media into their marketing campaigns.

Customers don’t want a one-off, throw away reply, they want real interaction, sincere interest in what they are saying and a meaningful conversation on social with a good dose of humour.

Read the other stories about the @MrsJLSnowman journey in this series:

twitter@emilyaturner is a PR and Social Media Director for Zoodikers.com. Each Wednesday for 4 weeks, Emily will write about the lessons she learned on her @MrsJLSnowman journey. Stay tuned for the next stop on her Snowwoman expedition!

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One Response to Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy

  1. lizknits99 says:

    I loved @Mrsjlsnowman and I thought she was a part of the campaign. Even from Australia, where we were burning under the summer sunshine, those Snowpeople were Christmas to me and therefore I was aching to shop at John Lewis, one of my fondest memories of living in the UK. I think she also had a great sense of humour.

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