Killing An Intranet: You’re The Only One Who’s Going To Cry

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Long time ago, I was subject to a company reorganization (one of several I’ve been through). At that time, I was running a company newspaper, and the management had decided to let the corporate knife cut the costs.

Merging the paper with the existing intranet was no knockout, neither for me nor my fellow co-workers at the comms department. However, it turned out to be for some others in the company.

Asleep or put to sleep?

When I went into the HR department to receive instructions about my future work tasks, the head of HR didn’t had the courage to say directly to my face what was already very clear to all and everyone: that the company newspaper was terminated, killed, taken out of action, dead. Instead she tried to soften her words by stating that from now on it “was asleep”.


Asleep? Like in will wake up after a nap? Or will wake up after a 100 years like Sleeping Beauty, rescued by a prince on a white horse? Or perhaps, put to sleep? She was very unclear in her communication. How silly!

I’m with another company now, but as far as I know, the poor thing is still asleep, 7 years later.

An intranet murder case no-one really cares about

This video is from the design agency LPK when introducing Watson – their new intranet. It goes straight to the point, and it’s the best intranet launch I’ve ever seen. It tells employees that what once was is no more: they’ve killed the wiki (the old intranet).

Someone Killed the Wiki is a film about a murder mystery around the office. It’s thrilling, informative and it builds up a hype around the new intranet. Yet it has a high degree of self distance and humor: understanding a new intranet, or the death of an old one, is not as big to the employees as it is to the management and the intranet implementation group themselves.

Watch the video below. (Don’t miss the final part after the end credits).

Have you killed anything lately? Do tell in the comment box below or tweet me @CoSkills. (However, don’t tell where you hid the body – my moral will force me to report it to your HR department).

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