How The Unofficial @MrsJLSnowman Twitter Account Got A Thank You From John Lewis


Getting 2,500 Twitter followers in a few weeks, mentions from celebrities and ending up in the paper, meant that @mrsjlsnowman soon attracted the attention of John Lewis’ marketing department.

Early on, @johnlewisretail responded to @mrsjlsnowman’s cheeky request for smaller gloves with a goodwill offer of an exchange. They asked me to give them a call, and there were giggles when I introduced myself as Mrs Snowman.

I reassured them that I wasn’t going to ruin their £10m ad campaign and they asked for two things: to refer all customer service queries to their feed, which I was already doing, and put the word “unofficial” in my bio.

Resume: After noticing John Lewis had failed to take its popular Christmas ad stars online, Emily Turner set up a Twitter account with the intention of sending a few joke tweets to John Lewis. But things escalated quickly, and soon she found herself at the helm of Twitter account boasting some two and a half thousand followers.


“Unofficial” don’t scare Twitter followers off

Twitter has guidelines about parody, spoof and impersonation accounts. Customer confusion is enough to merit Twitter suspension.

I’ve already spent enough time in Twitter jail, so I added “unofficial” to the bio. This didn’t impact follower numbers – only one person asked me if @mrsjlsnowman was an official account.

@mrsJLSnowman’s advice for marketing campaigns

John Lewis’ TV campaign was crying out for a social media and in-store tie-in.

It’s a shame that John Lewis didn’t create official snowmen Twitter accounts to build the festive spirit – the follower numbers would have been huge. Imagine festive in-store grottos with Mr and Mrs Snowman and a “tweet the snowmen” campaign!

What @mrsjlsnowman showed me was how important it is for brands to fully integrate social media into their marketing campaigns.

Customers don’t want a one-off, throw away reply. They want real interaction, sincere interest in what they are saying and a meaningful conversation on social with a good dose of humour.

A brandjacker’s take-away

As for me? Did I get a voucher or wonderful Christmas hamper? Not quite. I got a thank you on Twitter from John Lewis’ marketing director and a heavy data mobile bill!

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Photo credits: Huffington Post, John Lewis

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