10 Tweetable Ways To Fail at Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is different from traditional advertising, direct marketing or public relations. To succeed in the field, you must learn to play by it’s rules, and they might be unknown to you if you’re used to do offline marketing.

Many businesses have completely missed what social media marketing is all about. (You should really read that article!) To not fall in the same traps as many marketers do when they transfer traditional marketing tactics to social media for the first time, here’s a blueprint of 10 tweetable things to avoid when doing social media marketing. [tweet this]

social media marketing

10 Tweetable Things That Make You Fail at Social Media Marketing

  1. Talk, talk, talk. Never listen. [tweet this]
  2. Self-promote all the time. [tweet this]
  3. Treat social media as a billboard on Times Square where you place your ad and leave. [tweet this]
  4. Use corporate language. [tweet this]
  5. Never engage with others. Tweet this
  6. Never answer tweets. [tweet this]
  7. Never say thanks when others share your stuff. [tweet this]
  8. Only tweet links to your own website. [tweet this]
  9. Never retweet others content. [tweet this]
  10. Never take conversations to other platforms. [tweet this]

Social media is a trusted media nowadays – it’s not a fad. Today it’s a necessity in every brand manager’s marketing mix. To dig deeper into the subject, I suggest you move on to the post What a Little Black Dress Can Teach Brand Managers About Social Media Marketing.

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4 Responses to 10 Tweetable Ways To Fail at Social Media Marketing

  1. Could not agree more! Great tips here that are applicable to ‘doing’ social media on any channel :)

  2. nickie1snyder says:

    You are right. Over-emphasis on promotion has its adverse effects.

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