The Smoothest Letter of Recommendation You’ve Ever Seen [video]

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My dear friend @Marketing_Chap recently tweeted a link to what I believe is the world’s smoothest letter of recommendation. Ever. [tweet this]  Aww – wish it was mine!

Unfortunately it’s not. The letter of recommendation, which actually is a video, belongs to Katie Owen, aspiring morning show news anchor and TV host.

“As a soon to be reporter/anchor I was thinking what can I be to be different? And then it hit me. Why not interview your past employers on camera, and put it on your website so you can e-mail it off. And I did! I interviewed, set up the cameras, white balanced, recorded, tracked the audio levels, and edited the video myself”, Katie explains how she came up with the idea of making a video out of her professional references.

letter of recommendation

This creative and technical skilled girl is a graduate from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s, as one of her referees points out, attractive in a way that’s looks good on television.

Normally, one would dislike her for being that perfect. But it’s impossible after watching the 2.16 minute video where her referees speak lyrical about her. You just love to hire her! [tweet this]

Watch Katie’s letter of recommendation!

“As a future anchor and reporter everyone has to send out their demo reel, but I wanted mine to be one that they could never forget, which is why I created the “Why You Should Hire Katie Owen” video”, the talented 20-something says.

letter of recommendation

The overwhelming responses are yet to come. The video is on YouTube and on Katie’s website, but she hasn’t sent the link to future employers.

“I’m still finishing up my documentary on how college students are in the wrong relationships, and will then put together my demo reel for anchoring/reporting so employers can see”, she explains.

“I just graduated (May 2013) and am on the hunt for my anchor/reporter job. I’m living in Phoenix. Arizona, and would love to move to North or South Carolina, Tennessee, or Kentucky, but really am open to anything. I love people, and will work with passion, and enthusiasm where ever I go!”

DIY comms: How to succeed with your reference video

letter of recommendationInterview people who can communicate really well. Because that means they will cover every angle that makes you shine. That will make your future employer intrigued, and make you stand out from the rest. – Katie Owen

Let’s end with the powerful message that Katie sends out in this 6-second video resume: “I can do it all“.

I really do believe her.

For further admiration, visit Katie’s website:

Do you know someone else who’s got their references on tape? Place a link in the comment box below or tweet me @CoSkills.

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3 Responses to The Smoothest Letter of Recommendation You’ve Ever Seen [video]

  1. Always exciting to see what a tweet from one chum to another can lead to. Bravo to the both of you!

    • Anna Rydne says:

      This is exactly why I love Twitter! Without your tweet, I would have remained unaware about the brilliant @KateLynnOwen! And what a shame that would have been!

      Thank you Mark for tweeting and commenting!

  2. Word Ninja says:

    Very interesting post, Anna. Good of you to share Katie’s story.

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