How To Rebuild Your Business’ Reputation


What if something goes wrong in your business? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you have to rebuild your reputation and renew your customers’ trust? This article will take a closer look at that particular situation.

The other day, I received a sincere question posted in the comment section of the article 7 Steps to Move Your Customer Service From Good to Great. Candice from Prescott, Arizona wrote the following:


I really do feel for Candice. She has invested not only her money but also her pride, hopes and dreams into her small coffee shop, and then the worst thing happens: her employees, which she probably trusted, didn’t live up to the high standards set by her for customer service. What a shame!

What the expert says

To be able to help Candice out, I forwarded her question to Alexander Jilkhe, prize-winning barista and former owner of Molto Espressobar. The bar is now closed down, but was when open one of Sweden’s top 5 ranked coffee bars regarding to quality and customer services. (See video clip below).

Alexander says there are no shortcuts when such things happens. It only takes hard work, and the willingness to start from scratch again, building new trust with the existing customers as well as finding new regulars as replacement for those who’ll never come back again. Take note of his advice below:

3 steps to rebuild a business’ reputation:

1. Start over

“I would have changed some easily altered part in the decor in the shop. When the customers walk in, they’ll get a new feeling for the place. People will start to talk about your coffee shop again, in a positive way. That will attract new customers as well as bringing back the old.”

2. Renew the menu

Incorporate something new or exciting, something that can be your staple or hallmark. Perhaps a new coffee blend? Some very unusual coffee served during a limited period of time? Make an event out of it, spread the word and celebrate. Embrace your curious new, returning customers.”

3. Hand out a great offer

Print a super easy leaflet and go stand in the street. Give it to everyone that walks by and offer them two coffees for the price of one or something else that are attractive to potential customers. You’ll fill the place.”

Bonus tip: increase customer flow during low periods of the day

“If you want to increase the breakfast flow for example, a very good idea is to give your customers a discount when they’re buying coffee in the mornings.”

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