Visual Content Rules – Don’t Tell If You Can Show [slideshare]


It was a long time ago since the typical Facebook post consisted of plain text only. At least a year, and that’s long in this fast paced new media world.

Nowadays, even grandma posts pics from her latest get-together with the sewing circle. (And even grandma has left Facebook for Instagram).

Readers who have been around this blog for a while know that I’m very fond of exploring the fact that people in general don’t like to read.

Andy Warhol once said “ I don’t read, I just look at pictures”, and that’s exactly what average Joe does too.

Visual content rules, and brands need to adapt to it.


The best ways to engage people through visual content

In this article, I have gathered three slideshares that each covers a different angle for brands to use visual elements to engage their audience.

The first one is created by Noland Hoshino from Social Media for Nonprofits and explains why people respond better to visual content, describes the elements of visual content and gives some great examples of tools and websites you can use to create visual content.

The second slideshare from Laura Lopes exemplifies how 55 brands use visual elements on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You’ll get a lot of ideas to steal.

And finally, the third and last one from TopRank® Online Marketing, is not really about visual content but shows you who the content marketing rockstars are right now. But I know that many of them, for example Jonathan Mildenhall from CocaCola and Buddy Scalera from Ogilvy CommonHealth, are true thought leaders especially when it comes to sharable and visual content.

How do you use visual in your branding or marketing strategy?


As people don’t like to read much, brands that want to cut through the noise must find creative ways of using visual to engage people.

Photo credit: DerrickT via photopin cc, fran ca via photopin cc

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