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What’s The Point With Killer Content When People Read Headlines Only?

Most people will only read the headline and first lines of an article. That’s why you can be sure that many, seemingly great articles being shared on Twitter or elsewhere on social media, mostly circle around because of their headlines, and not their content.

Sherlock Holmes

Another Year In The Under-Cover Business [Internal Communication]

“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.”

The quote above is from the famous book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but it’s pretty much the same in the internal communication sector.


People Don’t Like To Read. Stop Upset Them With Text! [Introducing the tl;dr section]

Gordon Gower wrote me already a month ago asking me how I planned to celebrate my first blog anniversary coming up in the end of July. To be honest, until now I had no idea.


A Marketing Chap’s Advice On Recognition

What ho, chaps!

Before proceeding, let’s take a moment to examine this splendid blog that you are now reading. It was created by my chum Anna Rydne, who has amazingly managed to build the whole thing from scratch in under a year.

I read it regularly, as I hope you do too. Normally I leap onto each post as it is published, but if I miss one I always catch up later when time permits. The content is always fresh, packaged in an entertaining format, and invariably relevant. It is also updated with impressive frequency – a feat that as a fellow-blogger I admire greatly. Considering how much Anna has accomplished in such a short time, one can only assume this blog will be soon scaling the heights to blogosphere stardom. I, for one, will enjoy watching this ascent immensely.

company newspaper

Killing An Intranet: You’re The Only One Who’s Going To Cry

Long time ago, I was subject to a company reorganization (one of several I’ve been through). At that time, I was running a company newspaper, and the management had decided to let the corporate knife cut the costs.

Merging the paper with the existing intranet was no knockout, neither for me nor my fellow co-workers at the comms department. However, it turned out to be for some others in the company.

corporate communication

Future of Corporate Communication: The (Cat) Meme

My friends will hate me for saying this, but it needs to be said.

It doesn’t matter how much I try to tickle people’s’ minds – when I share heavier intellectual content on my personal Facebook timeline, I got a like or two, almost never a comment. But if I post a picture of a cat – it goes viral.

What people seem to like to do on social media are simple things: gossiping around, cheer when others post results from their RunKeeper apps, watching strangers’ food pics on Instagram, and smile at funny cats and pass them on.

Will that kind of behavior have an impact even on corporate communication?


Do you suffer? The “Most Interesting Person In The Room” Syndrome And How You Can Recover From It [SlideShare]

A number of myths surrounds the communication field. They are mostly misunderstandings and misinterpretations, made by non-communicators.

Communication is an area where many amateurs believe they are experts. How hard can it be to talk to people? Anyone knows communication. I’m a leader, so I sure know how to communicate.

Sounds familiar to you? It does to me alright, and I’m quite sick and tired of it.


Why Your Audience Doesn’t Read What You Write And What You Can Do About It

This post will take you about 2 minutes to read. Will you make it until the end?

Probably not.

In a text longer than 100 words, people tend to read only 20 % of it. This text is 298 words long, so you’ll probably just scan through it, looking for keywords and highlighted phrases.

internal comms

It’s Official: Internal Communication IS Boring

The other day, I performed a mini-survey on Twitter. I sent out a question: Does Internal comms bore you? What can I say? Internal communication bore people. A lot.

internal communication

6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Internal Communication

What do you do when a book or an article bore you? Let me guess – you put it away and move on to something else. That’s natural. That’s what people do. We don’t stick with something boring.

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