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#1 Enemy of Internal Communications: The Curse of Knowledge

I’m gonna tell you a secret. It’s something really personal (aka a suitable topic to address next time at the local hairdresser), and when I reveal what it is, I think it may shake the world a little.

Internal Communications

How to Make Your Story Top News on the Corporate Intranet [video included]

You and your team have accomplished something great. Naturally you want to tell it to the rest of the company to get your well-deserved acknowledgement and build your personal brand.

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Before You Ask a Comms Pro to Switch a Light Bulb – Watch This Video.

I’ve worked in the comms field for more than a decade, but my mum thinks I work in the IT department.

Why? you may wonder. Well, probably because I work in front of a computer and with an online tool called the intranet. It’s the best explanation I can think of.


How to Make Sure Your Intranet Escapes the Corporate Knife

Ever had a bad dream? If so, did it include a hungry beast threatening your intranet? Or were the entire internal comms department chased by an armed ninja?

Probably not. Dreams are rarely about intranets, but real life nightmares are another story. They come true to communications pro’s from time to time.

I’m talking about the internal comms nightmare: the intranet being stabbed by the financial department’s knife.

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Measure the Intranet You Have (Not the One You Don’t Have)

I was not surprised when my latest post about intranet stats (Why Miserable Intranet Stats May Indicate Success) raised a few different opinions.

Measuring intranets isn’t easy. You can argue forever about what you should and shouldn’t measure and what the numbers say.


Why Miserable Intranet Stats May Indicate Success

How about turning the conclusions from your intranet statistics all around? Your failure becomes your success. What was bad before is now good and vice versa. But how, and why? Let me explain it to you.


What 5 Experts Say About Future Intranet Trends

Tell me, what is the first word that arise in your head when thinking of your company’s intranet? I’m really curious to hear your answer, but I guess the word “modern” isn’t what comes to your mind, is it?

There’s a lot of things going on in the internal communications and intranet area, but still, many companies communicate like it’s 1999. Perhaps it’s time for a change in your company’s way of handling internal communications? Why not let your intranet take a leap into the future?!


Your Co-Workers aren’t Mind-Readers.

I’m happy to tell you that I am guest posting over at Make a Powerful Point today! I’m a big fan of talented Gavin McMahon who runs the blog, and I’m so excited being asked to contribute on his site. Thank you Gavin for the opportunity!

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