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How To Incorporate Pinterest Into A Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is all about creating powerful images that reach people in some way or another. When Pinterest users like images, they tend to share them, re-pin them, and leave comments. That’s going to draw traffic to your Pinterest account, and ultimately, your site or blog.

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Business Blogging: Selling By Conversation

It’s hard to to find reliable data on just how many blogs there are, but a current estimate based on data by Technocrati says 450 millions active English language blogs. claims that 60 percent of all businesses have a blog. And WordPress says that 329 million people view a blog. Each month.

If you consider to launch a business blog, there are great impact possibilities and also great competition. But don’t let the latter stop you. By doing it right, business blogging can work wonder by establishing your firm among target customers, and to enhance your sales.


How To Rebuild Your Business’ Reputation

What if something goes wrong in your business? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you have to rebuild your reputation and renew your customers’ trust? This article will take a closer look at that particular situation.

4 Aspects To Consider When Choosing Voice Talent For Your Business

Imagine that you call your doctor to leave a message on her voice mail, and is met by an answering voice that sounds like Marlon Brando in the Godfather. I guess you would be a bit confused. It’s not what you expected, right?!

To pick a voice for your answering service, training course or advertisement, is a very important part of your business’ communication. Your customers will relate your brand with the type of voice you pick, so make sure you choose your voice talent carefully.


The Most Captive B2B Pinterest Boards You’ve Ever Seen

Pinterest isn’t only for crafters, fashionistas or diy addicts, even if those niches because of their highly visible nature, are among the most popular on the platform. Even business2businesses can utilize this fast growing community with one of the highest click-through rate on social media today.


Pinterest: 5 Rules for Brilliant B2B Boards That Will Capture Your Clients Eyes

Consumer brands been on Pinterest for a while, since it’s the best suited platform for visible content. With 48,7 million users (April 2013) and explosive growth, there’s big potential even for b2b companies to establish themselves on the platform.

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10 Tweetable Ways To Fail at Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is different from traditional advertising, direct marketing or public relations. To succeed in the field, you must learn to play by it’s rules, and they might be unknown to you if you’re used to do offline marketing.


How The Unofficial @MrsJLSnowman Twitter Account Got A Thank You From John Lewis

Getting 2,500 Twitter followers in a few weeks, mentions from celebrities and ending up in the paper, meant that @mrsjlsnowman soon attracted the attention of John Lewis’ marketing department.

Early on, @johnlewisretail responded to @mrsjlsnowman’s cheeky request for smaller gloves with a goodwill offer of an exchange. They asked me to give them a call, and there were giggles when I introduced myself as Mrs Snowman.

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Social Media: 7 Actions To Copy From Ikea’s Content Strategy

If I were to reveal a hidden talent of mine, I’d say I’m good at assembling Ikea furniture. As most Swedes, I’ve grown up with flat packages and family quarrels around mounting manuals. I’m practically born with a hexagon key in my hand.

Therefore, as a devoted brand advocate, I wanted to check out Ikea’s social media strategy; curious to know if it is as innovative as their products. 


How I Brandjacked John Lewis And Ended Up in Twitter Jail

This is the second post in a series about how Emily Turner invented the @MrsJLSnowman Twitter account. Read the first post here: “Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy“.

Resume: After noticing John Lewis had failed to take its popular Christmas ad stars online, Emily Turner set up a Twitter account with the intention of sending a few joke tweets to John Lewis. But things escalated quickly, and soon she found herself at the helm of Twitter account boasting some two and a half thousand followers.

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