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Future of Corporate Communication: The (Cat) Meme

My friends will hate me for saying this, but it needs to be said.

It doesn’t matter how much I try to tickle people’s’ minds – when I share heavier intellectual content on my personal Facebook timeline, I got a like or two, almost never a comment. But if I post a picture of a cat – it goes viral.

What people seem to like to do on social media are simple things: gossiping around, cheer when others post results from their RunKeeper apps, watching strangers’ food pics on Instagram, and smile at funny cats and pass them on.

Will that kind of behavior have an impact even on corporate communication?


Targeted Marketing: 5 Steps To Niche Your Business For Success

I’ll tell you a story about a now closed down business in my neighbourhood. They tried really hard to attract customers. On their sign they spelled out they had pizza, wedding cakes, full english breakfast, or porridge for those who liked it light. They could serve you sandwiches, all kinds of them, or sell you a take away latte if you were on the run. They could bake you the finest pastries or whip up the pasta of your choice. They were open from early mornings to late nights.

They tried to be everything to all. It didn’t work.

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7 Steps to Move Your Customer Service From Good to Great

For a business like a cafe or a restaurant, great customer service is crucial for your success. And what is great customer service, if not great communication along with genuine interest in the guests? Tweet this

social media and marketing resources

The Best Social Media and Marketing Resources for Business Owners [interactive images]

Alongside running this blog, I’m also an author at, writing articles twice a month – mainly about marketing communication and personal branding.

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The Shiniest One Sheets You’ve Ever Seen

The other day, I wrote about how to create a strong one sheet for yourself or your business. A shiny one sheet could as well be the missing piece in your personal branding puzzle, and it sure comes in handy when you need to promote yourself and your services in a way that attracts new clients.

one sheet

How to Create a Strong One Sheet for Yourself or Your Business

Do you use a one sheet when promoting yourself or your services? If not, perhaps you should add it to your self promoting kit. Teamed up with your resume and cover letter, a shiny one sheet could be the missing piece in your personal branding puzzle. 


50 Shades of Content To Create This Year

Start this year by looking through all your online content to make sure your marketing message is clear and coherent!

In this post’s slideshare, I have listed 50 ideas of content you either have, or need to create for your website and social media networks. You can use it as a reference or idea bank when going through your resources, or if you’re about to create a brand new content plan for this year.

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5 Content Marketing Books You Must Read This Year (and 1 SlideShare to Watch)

If you bother to listen to online marketing oracles, content marketing is king this year. I would dare to say that it has always been so, if the decision was up to the consumers, but today e v e r y b o d y is talking about content. Content strategy, liquid content, search engines’ love for quality content, 50 shades of content… Let’s face it – content is in and it’s about time!

Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2013 (Processed and Filtered Through an Independent Brain)

How will social media marketing change next year? Is it in the cards? Nah, predictions are not rocket science, even if some gurus try to convince us otherwise.

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All I Want (in My Social Media Feed) for Christmas is You

Dear social media manager,

it’s Christmas time and I’m about to write my wish list. For the sake of it, I would like to clarify that I do not believe in Santa.

Why? you might wonder.

Let’s put it this way: nowadays I’m the one who dresses Santa, prepares his sack and tells him when to ring on the door. So, I’m pretty sure there’s no point sending my wish list to Santa.

Instead I send it to you. (I got a feeling I can get more response this way).

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