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What Hospitality Taught Me About Communication

Sometimes even the most fancy academic degree is outsmarted by lessons you’ve learned in life. Today’s post by Australian based Jeszlene Zhou from the blog First Comms Job proves that it’s true. Read on to learn what a job in an Irish pub taught Jesz about communication.

The Magic Spell of Social Media Presence: Un-Wrinkle Me

Have you noticed yet? Un-me services are everywhere. Un-spam me, un-subscribe me, even un-baby me. (The latter is a plug-in you can use on Facebook to remove unwanted baby pictures uploaded by friends who do not seem to do anything but to produce an endless stream of offspring. By the way, the photos are replaced by pictures of… bacon).

One Thousand Single Days Turned Vanessa Katsoolis into a Blogging Success

With her blog One Thousand Single Days, Australian based blogger Vanessa Katsoolis, has turned into a rising star on the blogosphere. Writing personal stories about her up-bringing in a bohemian Kiwi-Greek family and about her self-created challenge: staying single for 1,000 days until March 14th 2015, Vanessa’s blog has been read over 70,000 times by readers in 135 countries and she has well over 3,000 subscribers, just 3 months since her first blog post hit the internet. What a kick-start for the new blogger!

The Clue to a Great Story: Make Me Care

Storytelling. You’ve probably heard the term for some years now, even if it’s not a new thing. It’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. But the call for using storytelling as a communication tool is everywhere today. “Use storytelling as a marketing tool, tell your own personal story when networking, educate through storytelling…” It sounds very reasonable, but when you’re sitting behind your desk and trying to create that special story, it isn’t that easy, is it? You’re not just supposed to tell some story, you are supposed to create a story who make people care and act.

The Best Looking Resumes You’ve Ever Seen

In this blog post I have collected the best looking resumes I have ever seen. A qualified guess is that you’ll be as much amazed by them as I am. Use them as inspiration when creating one for your own. I definitely will!

Try Out the Harvard Elevator Pitch Builder

The other day, I wrote about how to brainstorm and build the perfect elevator speech in five steps. Another tool you should try when creating the perfect pitch is using the Harvard Business School’s Elevator Pitch Builder.

How to Nail Your Elevator Speech in 5 Easy Steps

Elevator Speech. The term was unknown to me until recently. I would have needed it long before though. I remember a conversation with a friend many years ago, talking about how bad we were when it came to presenting ourselves in an interesting way. How our minds went blank when asked personal questions about interests and skills.

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Build Your Brand Like Bieber

There was a time when Justin Bieber was the only person in the world with the perfect Klout score, (he had 100), but it changed when Klout altered its algorithm in August 2012. Still, with a Klout score of 92, Bieber got an almost perfect online presence, which means he’s one of the most influential people in his niche. He reaches those he aim to reach and they listen, reply and pay it forward. He’s got a personal brand that rocks.

Freshly Pressed Turned Me Into a Guest Blogger

When Christopher Swan, the founder of Accidental Information, asked me to write for them after my story on Klout was Freshly Pressed at, I just had to take a short glance at their site to decide it was the right place for me to contribute. Accidental Information share communication ideas and solutions in a whole new way.

Dare to Communicate Personality: the 10 Best Advice I Found Online

Yesterday I told you My Story: I’m not comfortable talking about myself. I was rambling about my troubles to cope talking about myself. Not being able to hold a natural and flowing speech about yourself, interesting enough to make other people notice you, will make you miss a lot of opportunities. You may not get the job you are so well suited for or getting the salary raise you deserve. Your social success can also be suffering.

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