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This Company Tries Out 25 Different Headlines For Each Article To Secure Viral-Proof Content. And They Nail It. Almost Every Time.

It was probably not long ago since you clicked on something that directed you to Upworthy. Perhaps just some hours ago.


What’s The Point With Killer Content When People Read Headlines Only?

Most people will only read the headline and first lines of an article. That’s why you can be sure that many, seemingly great articles being shared on Twitter or elsewhere on social media, mostly circle around because of their headlines, and not their content.


Visual Content Rules – Don’t Tell If You Can Show [slideshare]

It was a long time ago since the typical Facebook post consisted of plain text only. At least a year, and that’s long in this fast paced new media world.

Nowadays, even grandma posts pics from her latest get-together with the sewing circle. (And even grandma has left Facebook for Instagram).

7 Deadly Sins to Scare Away Your Audience

Do you commit these unspeakable horrors in your business presentations? Just because it’s Halloween and you bought fright make-up doesn’t make these PowerPoint wrongs right.


What 10 And 1 Memes Can Teach You About Personal Branding

A meme is an idea that spreads from person to person within a culture, and on the Internet it often comes in form of an image with a phrase written over it. I bet you’ve seen them posted to Twitter or Tumblr, on Facebook or Pinterest. You may have passed them along in emails, sharing wisdoms with your friends. As banal they may be, there are still things you can learn from them. [tweet this] In this post, I’ll show you how to incorporate meme lessons into your personal branding activities.


People Don’t Like To Read. Stop Upset Them With Text! [Introducing the tl;dr section]

Gordon Gower wrote me already a month ago asking me how I planned to celebrate my first blog anniversary coming up in the end of July. To be honest, until now I had no idea.


The Grand Facebook Boycott: A Rumour Or A Likely Reality?

Facebook has always been controversial.  Even the genesis of the company seemed to be shrouded in a host of backstabbing ruthlessness.

But for the first few years of its existence, Facebook genuinely did seem to exist purely as a social network, with a few adverts thrown in here or there.  Then, the changes started.  At least one major change each year, as it happens.


How I Brandjacked John Lewis And Ended Up in Twitter Jail

This is the second post in a series about how Emily Turner invented the @MrsJLSnowman Twitter account. Read the first post here: “Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy“.

Resume: After noticing John Lewis had failed to take its popular Christmas ad stars online, Emily Turner set up a Twitter account with the intention of sending a few joke tweets to John Lewis. But things escalated quickly, and soon she found herself at the helm of Twitter account boasting some two and a half thousand followers.

social media resume

Like It or Not – One Non-Negligible Reason Why Job Seekers Can’t Ignore A Social Media Resume [infographic]

Face it, job seeker! Even if you’re more of an outdoor person than an online techie, and even if you feel that creating a social media resume isn’t your thing, there are some brand new facts and figures that prove you can’t ignore how important it is to have a social media resume.

social media and marketing resources

The Best Social Media and Marketing Resources for Business Owners [interactive images]

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