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This Company Tries Out 25 Different Headlines For Each Article To Secure Viral-Proof Content. And They Nail It. Almost Every Time.

It was probably not long ago since you clicked on something that directed you to Upworthy. Perhaps just some hours ago.


What’s The Point With Killer Content When People Read Headlines Only?

Most people will only read the headline and first lines of an article. That’s why you can be sure that many, seemingly great articles being shared on Twitter or elsewhere on social media, mostly circle around because of their headlines, and not their content.


Visual Content Rules – Don’t Tell If You Can Show [slideshare]

It was a long time ago since the typical Facebook post consisted of plain text only. At least a year, and that’s long in this fast paced new media world.

Nowadays, even grandma posts pics from her latest get-together with the sewing circle. (And even grandma has left Facebook for Instagram).

How To Incorporate Pinterest Into A Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is all about creating powerful images that reach people in some way or another. When Pinterest users like images, they tend to share them, re-pin them, and leave comments. That’s going to draw traffic to your Pinterest account, and ultimately, your site or blog.


The Grand Facebook Boycott: A Rumour Or A Likely Reality?

Facebook has always been controversial.  Even the genesis of the company seemed to be shrouded in a host of backstabbing ruthlessness.

But for the first few years of its existence, Facebook genuinely did seem to exist purely as a social network, with a few adverts thrown in here or there.  Then, the changes started.  At least one major change each year, as it happens.


How To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Strategies On A Limited Budget

This year, it’s all about video. As the mini-video-taking Vine app recently hit the top of the charts for free apps in the U.S., everyone seems to record their own videos and post them online.

Why? Because people are watching it!

Andy Warhol once said: “I don’t read, I just look at pictures”. That’s what we all do today.


The Most Captive B2B Pinterest Boards You’ve Ever Seen

Pinterest isn’t only for crafters, fashionistas or diy addicts, even if those niches because of their highly visible nature, are among the most popular on the platform. Even business2businesses can utilize this fast growing community with one of the highest click-through rate on social media today.


Pinterest: 5 Rules for Brilliant B2B Boards That Will Capture Your Clients Eyes

Consumer brands been on Pinterest for a while, since it’s the best suited platform for visible content. With 48,7 million users (April 2013) and explosive growth, there’s big potential even for b2b companies to establish themselves on the platform.

social media marketing

10 Tweetable Ways To Fail at Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is different from traditional advertising, direct marketing or public relations. To succeed in the field, you must learn to play by it’s rules, and they might be unknown to you if you’re used to do offline marketing.


How The Unofficial @MrsJLSnowman Twitter Account Got A Thank You From John Lewis

Getting 2,500 Twitter followers in a few weeks, mentions from celebrities and ending up in the paper, meant that @mrsjlsnowman soon attracted the attention of John Lewis’ marketing department.

Early on, @johnlewisretail responded to @mrsjlsnowman’s cheeky request for smaller gloves with a goodwill offer of an exchange. They asked me to give them a call, and there were giggles when I introduced myself as Mrs Snowman.

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