You And Your Social Media Marketing Are Not a “We”

Social media marketing is not about self-promoting. It’s not about “I”, “we” or “our”. Social media marketing is not about you and your business, it’s about the customers. It’s about bringing customer value. More »

What a Little Black Dress Can Teach Brand Managers About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new black. Today it’s as necessary in a brand manager’s marketing mix as the little black dress is in any womans wardrobe. More »

Build Your Brand Like Bieber

With a Klout score of 92, Justin Bieber got an almost perfect online presence, which means he’s one of the most influential people in his niche. He reaches those he aim to reach and they listen, reply and pay it forward. He’s got a personal brand that rocks. If you want to be a powerful influencer in your area of expertise, check out this guide on how to build a brand like Bieber. More »

How to Make Sure Your Intranet Escapes the Corporate Knife

Internal comms nightmares come true to communications pro’s from time to time. It is scary: the intranet being stabbed by the financial department’s knife. More »

5 Bullet-Proof Methods To Connect With Your Audience

To know the answer to the question ”what’s in it for me?”, is the most important secret you should know of when you’re about to connect with an audience. More »

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Killing An Intranet: You’re The Only One Who’s Going To Cry

Long time ago, I was subject to a company reorganization (one of several I’ve been through). At that time, I was running a company newspaper, and the management had decided to let the corporate knife cut the costs.

Merging the paper with the existing intranet was no knockout, neither for me nor my fellow co-workers at the comms department. However, it turned out to be for some others in the company.


4 Things @MrsJLSnowman Learned Me About Online Communities

Online corporate space mostly offers customer service, or is littered with hard sell marketing.

Few spaces nurture conversation with a gentle curator to develop an online community, brought together by the love of a brand.

It’s amazing just how many people want to do just that. @mrsjlsnowman filled that gap, there to simply chat about the John Lewis Christmas ad, the festive season and snow.

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Social Media: 7 Actions To Copy From Ikea’s Content Strategy

If I were to reveal a hidden talent of mine, I’d say I’m good at assembling Ikea furniture. As most Swedes, I’ve grown up with flat packages and family quarrels around mounting manuals. I’m practically born with a hexagon key in my hand.

Therefore, as a devoted brand advocate, I wanted to check out Ikea’s social media strategy; curious to know if it is as innovative as their products. 


How I Brandjacked John Lewis And Ended Up in Twitter Jail

This is the second post in a series about how Emily Turner invented the @MrsJLSnowman Twitter account. Read the first post here: “Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy“.

Resume: After noticing John Lewis had failed to take its popular Christmas ad stars online, Emily Turner set up a Twitter account with the intention of sending a few joke tweets to John Lewis. But things escalated quickly, and soon she found herself at the helm of Twitter account boasting some two and a half thousand followers.


Why I Invented @MrsJLSnowman And How It Turned Out To Be A Lesson In Social Media Strategy

If you’re living in the UK, you have probably seen the John Lewis’ Christmas ad. You may also be familiar with the story of how the snowwoman in last years Snowman Journey got an un-official life on her own on social media.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have the honor to tell you that Emily Turner, the force behind the brandjacking of John Lewis’ Snowwoman, will write a series on what she learned from the @MrsJLSnowman journey for Communicate [your] Skills. What a splendid addition to the content on this site!

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Future of Corporate Communication: The (Cat) Meme

My friends will hate me for saying this, but it needs to be said.

It doesn’t matter how much I try to tickle people’s’ minds – when I share heavier intellectual content on my personal Facebook timeline, I got a like or two, almost never a comment. But if I post a picture of a cat – it goes viral.

What people seem to like to do on social media are simple things: gossiping around, cheer when others post results from their RunKeeper apps, watching strangers’ food pics on Instagram, and smile at funny cats and pass them on.

Will that kind of behavior have an impact even on corporate communication?

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Personal Branding 2.0: Up-Level Yourself [9 examples]

Personal branding is about finding out who you are and craft your career around the true you. It’s also about constantly improving your brand.

The difference between having a stunning personal brand, and having a standard personal reputation, is a clearly defined strategy to elevate your brand image.

online influence

Online Influence Matters. What’s Your Klout?

You’re influential online and the world away from keyboard rewards you. That’s the future when your Klout score gets more and more important. Here’s a look at how online influence has invaded our world, has always been here and the reasons you should care.


Targeted Marketing: 5 Steps To Niche Your Business For Success

I’ll tell you a story about a now closed down business in my neighbourhood. They tried really hard to attract customers. On their sign they spelled out they had pizza, wedding cakes, full english breakfast, or porridge for those who liked it light. They could serve you sandwiches, all kinds of them, or sell you a take away latte if you were on the run. They could bake you the finest pastries or whip up the pasta of your choice. They were open from early mornings to late nights.

They tried to be everything to all. It didn’t work.

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Bieber’s Personal Brand Prepared For The Future [animated presentation]

Justin Bieber has a personal brand that rocks, and with a Klout-score of 92, he sure knows how to use social media in new and edgy ways.

Lately, I’ve seen he’s replaced the photos on his homepage with animated images. My guess is that he’s prepared to meet the future demands Vine may establish on Twitter, and be sure he’s got content to share when 140 characters are replaced by 6 second videos.

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