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Business Blogging: Selling By Conversation

It’s hard to to find reliable data on just how many blogs there are, but a current estimate based on data by Technocrati says 450 millions active English language blogs. Blogging.org claims that 60 percent of all businesses have a blog. And WordPress says that 329 million people view a blog. Each month.

If you consider to launch a business blog, there are great impact possibilities and also great competition. But don’t let the latter stop you. By doing it right, business blogging can work wonder by establishing your firm among target customers, and to enhance your sales.


4 Aspects To Consider When Choosing Voice Talent For Your Business

Imagine that you call your doctor to leave a message on her voice mail, and is met by an answering voice that sounds like Marlon Brando in the Godfather. I guess you would be a bit confused. It’s not what you expected, right?!

To pick a voice for your answering service, training course or advertisement, is a very important part of your business’ communication. Your customers will relate your brand with the type of voice you pick, so make sure you choose your voice talent carefully.


Targeted Marketing: 5 Steps To Niche Your Business For Success

I’ll tell you a story about a now closed down business in my neighbourhood. They tried really hard to attract customers. On their sign they spelled out they had pizza, wedding cakes, full english breakfast, or porridge for those who liked it light. They could serve you sandwiches, all kinds of them, or sell you a take away latte if you were on the run. They could bake you the finest pastries or whip up the pasta of your choice. They were open from early mornings to late nights.

They tried to be everything to all. It didn’t work.


Who Should Write the Company Blog and Why

Have you and your company come to the conclusion that you should have a company blog? If so, congratulations! You’ve come a long way already in your attempt to connect to and attract new customers. But still, there are some important things you must consider before launching the blog. One of the first things you need to decide is who should write it.


Join the Revolution! Banish Misleading ‘Gurus’.

Have you heard about SteamFeed.com yet? It is a marketing, social media, and tech resource by real professionals, not the so-called ‘experts’, ‘gurus’, ‘ninjas’ or ‘warriors’ that is very common on the web today.


You And Your Social Media Marketing Are Not a “We”

We have a new product… Our latest service includes … We got an award…

Does it sound familiar? You’ve probably seen it in your Facebook feed (or perhaps you’ve posted it yourself). Many companies tend to self-promote quite aggressively online. And by doing so, they have completely missed what social media marketing is all about.


8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Whisperer in Your Marketing Team

Content management is the new advertising. Writing is the new skill marketers need to excel in. Involving people is the new business goal. No wonder Social Media Whisperer is the latest job description in the marketing field.


How to Make Sure Your Intranet Escapes the Corporate Knife

Ever had a bad dream? If so, did it include a hungry beast threatening your intranet? Or were the entire internal comms department chased by an armed ninja?

Probably not. Dreams are rarely about intranets, but real life nightmares are another story. They come true to communications pro’s from time to time.

I’m talking about the internal comms nightmare: the intranet being stabbed by the financial department’s knife.


5 Bullet-Proof Methods To Connect With Your Audience

You want to connect with your audience. Very well! Now, say after me: What’s in it for them?

Say it loud to yourself. Say it to your co-worker in the cubicle to your right. Say it again and again until you’re sure you’ll never forget it.

What’s in it for them. What does that mean? I’ll tell you: To know the answer to the question “what’s in it for them?“, is the first and most important secret you should know of when you’re about to connect with an audience. Read on for the explanation!

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