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Future of Corporate Communication: The (Cat) Meme

My friends will hate me for saying this, but it needs to be said.

It doesn’t matter how much I try to tickle people’s’ minds – when I share heavier intellectual content on my personal Facebook timeline, I got a like or two, almost never a comment. But if I post a picture of a cat – it goes viral.

What people seem to like to do on social media are simple things: gossiping around, cheer when others post results from their RunKeeper apps, watching strangers’ food pics on Instagram, and smile at funny cats and pass them on.

Will that kind of behavior have an impact even on corporate communication?


5 Bullet-Proof Methods To Connect With Your Audience

You want to connect with your audience. Very well! Now, say after me: What’s in it for them?

Say it loud to yourself. Say it to your co-worker in the cubicle to your right. Say it again and again until you’re sure you’ll never forget it.

What’s in it for them. What does that mean? I’ll tell you: To know the answer to the question “what’s in it for them?“, is the first and most important secret you should know of when you’re about to connect with an audience. Read on for the explanation!


Rethink Your Advertising Strategy: “You cannot bore someone into buying your product.”

The headline quote comes from David Ogilvy, legendary advertiser who was called  “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry” by Time in 1962 and since then been seen as the father of advertising with iconic advertising campaigns such as Schweppes, Rolls-Royce and Hathaway Shirts.


I Believe In Little MOO: Some Companies Tell Their Stories So Cute

I got an email from Moo the other day.

It was the sweetest little message I ever received. It was polite in a very cute way and it really melted my heart.

It was the perfect example of good customer care. I’ll tell you more after the jump.

real people's stories

Why Real People’s Stories Make Other People Care (And How You Can Take Advantage Of It)

The outcome of a balanced and well-crafted content strategy should be to gently push customers and employees in a desired direction.

What’s the best way to do this?

Let’s freshen up our memories from the post The Clue to a Great Story: Make Me Care, and point out that if people care they are more likely to act.

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