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The Grand Facebook Boycott: A Rumour Or A Likely Reality?

Facebook has always been controversial.  Even the genesis of the company seemed to be shrouded in a host of backstabbing ruthlessness.

But for the first few years of its existence, Facebook genuinely did seem to exist purely as a social network, with a few adverts thrown in here or there.  Then, the changes started.  At least one major change each year, as it happens.

Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2013 (Processed and Filtered Through an Independent Brain)

How will social media marketing change next year? Is it in the cards? Nah, predictions are not rocket science, even if some gurus try to convince us otherwise.

The Magic Spell of Social Media Presence: Un-Wrinkle Me

Have you noticed yet? Un-me services are everywhere. Un-spam me, un-subscribe me, even un-baby me. (The latter is a plug-in you can use on Facebook to remove unwanted baby pictures uploaded by friends who do not seem to do anything but to produce an endless stream of offspring. By the way, the photos are replaced by pictures of… bacon).


8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Whisperer in Your Marketing Team

Content management is the new advertising. Writing is the new skill marketers need to excel in. Involving people is the new business goal. No wonder Social Media Whisperer is the latest job description in the marketing field.

What 5 Experts Say About Future Intranet Trends

Tell me, what is the first word that arise in your head when thinking of your company’s intranet? I’m really curious to hear your answer, but I guess the word “modern” isn’t what comes to your mind, is it?

There’s a lot of things going on in the internal communications and intranet area, but still, many companies communicate like it’s 1999. Perhaps it’s time for a change in your company’s way of handling internal communications? Why not let your intranet take a leap into the future?!

Loneliness is a Place on Earth or How Social Media Saved My Life

I’m pretty sure we all have our own social media stories, whether they are life changing or not. Do read mine and feel free to share your own. I’d love to hear it!

Why Adding Text Over Photos is the Next Big Thing

One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers has done it f-o-r-e-v-e-r: written text over her images. When I started to use this technique at work at our company intranet, I got from almost zero responses to A LOT over night. And when I played around with Labelbox on my Facebook pics, everybody asked me what tool I used to put the label in the photo.

Head in the Klout: My Score Went Up. How About Yours?

I woke up yesterday morning and told my significant other that I was considering a move to Silicon Valley. He shook his head and said that this week’s research for my blog had made me obsessed with excessive numbers completely detached from the real world.

You’re not Judged by Klout Score. Your Digital Presence is.

You’ve probably heard about Klout score. Rumour says it’s so important in Silicon Valley that you’re not admitted to job-interviews if your Klout is lower than 50 (out of 100). Knowing that 20 is the average Klout for the average person and that it’s harder to climb from 30 to 40 than from 10 to 20, it’s pretty tough. (As you can see below, I’m not invited).

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