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A Marketing Chap’s Advice On Recognition

What ho, chaps!

Before proceeding, let’s take a moment to examine this splendid blog that you are now reading. It was created by my chum Anna Rydne, who has amazingly managed to build the whole thing from scratch in under a year.

I read it regularly, as I hope you do too. Normally I leap onto each post as it is published, but if I miss one I always catch up later when time permits. The content is always fresh, packaged in an entertaining format, and invariably relevant. It is also updated with impressive frequency – a feat that as a fellow-blogger I admire greatly. Considering how much Anna has accomplished in such a short time, one can only assume this blog will be soon scaling the heights to blogosphere stardom. I, for one, will enjoy watching this ascent immensely.


How To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Strategies On A Limited Budget

This year, it’s all about video. As the mini-video-taking Vine app recently hit the top of the charts for free apps in the U.S., everyone seems to record their own videos and post them online.

Why? Because people are watching it!

Andy Warhol once said: “I don’t read, I just look at pictures”. That’s what we all do today.


What Hospitality Taught Me About Communication

Sometimes even the most fancy academic degree is outsmarted by lessons you’ve learned in life. Today’s post by Australian based Jeszlene Zhou from the blog First Comms Job proves that it’s true. Read on to learn what a job in an Irish pub taught Jesz about communication.


Your Co-Workers aren’t Mind-Readers.

I’m happy to tell you that I am guest posting over at Make a Powerful Point today! I’m a big fan of talented Gavin McMahon who runs the blog, and I’m so excited being asked to contribute on his site. Thank you Gavin for the opportunity!


Freshly Pressed Turned Me Into a Guest Blogger

When Christopher Swan, the founder of Accidental Information, asked me to write for them after my story on Klout was Freshly Pressed at WordPress.com, I just had to take a short glance at their site to decide it was the right place for me to contribute. Accidental Information share communication ideas and solutions in a whole new way.

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