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Why Your Audience Doesn’t Read What You Write And What You Can Do About It

This post will take you about 2 minutes to read. Will you make it until the end?

Probably not.

In a text longer than 100 words, people tend to read only 20 % of it. This text is 298 words long, so you’ll probably just scan through it, looking for keywords and highlighted phrases.

How to Make Your Story Top News on the Corporate Intranet [video included]

You and your team have accomplished something great. Naturally you want to tell it to the rest of the company to get your well-deserved acknowledgement and build your personal brand.

Join the Revolution! Banish Misleading ‘Gurus’.

Have you heard about SteamFeed.com yet? It is a marketing, social media, and tech resource by real professionals, not the so-called ‘experts’, ‘gurus’, ‘ninjas’ or ‘warriors’ that is very common on the web today.

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