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customer service

7 Steps to Move Your Customer Service From Good to Great

For a business like a cafe or a restaurant, great customer service is crucial for your success. And what is great customer service, if not great communication along with genuine interest in the guests? Tweet this

social media and marketing resources

The Best Social Media and Marketing Resources for Business Owners [interactive images]

Alongside running this blog, I’m also an author at SteamFeed.com, writing articles twice a month – mainly about marketing communication and personal branding.

brand advocates

Brand Advocates and What Love Has To Do with It [interview study]

Every brand manager dreams about having their own brand advocates. But what makes people go from follower or fan to fanatic brand advocate? And what must brand managers do to make it happen?

I wanted to find out, so I asked three people about the reasons they became brand advocates.

It was evident that love had a lot to do with it. 

Social Media

How to Make Your Marketing Content Shareable

Marketers dream about creating marketing content which go viral and spreads the name of their brand all over the market. Viral is magic, and most viral content is a result by chance. Something clicks, and people begin to share it. No one really knows why.

You can’t create marketing content that guaranteed will go viral, but what you can do is to create shareable content, that has the opportunity to go viral.


Who Should Write the Company Blog and Why

Have you and your company come to the conclusion that you should have a company blog? If so, congratulations! You’ve come a long way already in your attempt to connect to and attract new customers. But still, there are some important things you must consider before launching the blog. One of the first things you need to decide is who should write it.


Join the Revolution! Banish Misleading ‘Gurus’.

Have you heard about SteamFeed.com yet? It is a marketing, social media, and tech resource by real professionals, not the so-called ‘experts’, ‘gurus’, ‘ninjas’ or ‘warriors’ that is very common on the web today.


You And Your Social Media Marketing Are Not a “We”

We have a new product… Our latest service includes … We got an award…

Does it sound familiar? You’ve probably seen it in your Facebook feed (or perhaps you’ve posted it yourself). Many companies tend to self-promote quite aggressively online. And by doing so, they have completely missed what social media marketing is all about.

social media marketing

What a Little Black Dress Can Teach Brand Managers About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new black. A worn out phrase, yet it expresses the zeitgeist.

Social Media is a trusted media today, it’s not a fad. Today it’s as necessary in a brand manager’s marketing mix as the little black dress is in any womans wardrobe.


8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Whisperer in Your Marketing Team

Content management is the new advertising. Writing is the new skill marketers need to excel in. Involving people is the new business goal. No wonder Social Media Whisperer is the latest job description in the marketing field.


Rethink Your Advertising Strategy: “You cannot bore someone into buying your product.”

The headline quote comes from David Ogilvy, legendary advertiser who was called  “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry” by Time in 1962 and since then been seen as the father of advertising with iconic advertising campaigns such as Schweppes, Rolls-Royce and Hathaway Shirts.

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