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The Smoothest Letter of Recommendation You’ve Ever Seen [video]

My dear friend @Marketing_Chap recently tweeted a link to what I believe is the world’s smoothest letter of recommendation. Ever. [tweet this]  Aww – wish it was mine!

Unfortunately it’s not. The letter of recommendation, which actually is a video, belongs to Katie Owen, aspiring morning show news anchor and TV host.

“As a soon to be reporter/anchor I was thinking what can I be to be different? And then it hit me. Why not interview your past employers on camera, and put it on your website so you can e-mail it off. And I did! I interviewed, set up the cameras, white balanced, recorded, tracked the audio levels, and edited the video myself”, Katie explains how she came up with the idea of making a video out of her professional references.

interactive resume

The 4 Best Interactive Resumes You’ve Ever Clicked On

Welcome to the future! These four job seekers have picked up the skills of tomorrow and created some outstanding interactive resumes. [tweet this]

The Best Looking Resumes You’ve Ever Seen

In this blog post I have collected the best looking resumes I have ever seen. A qualified guess is that you’ll be as much amazed by them as I am. Use them as inspiration when creating one for your own. I definitely will!


How To Look Good on Paper: 4 Examples of Great Bios

I suppose you want to look good. You want to look good when you see yourself in the mirror, when you go to work, when you attend an event or a friends party. And you probably want to look good in the social media sphere, for example on Facebook.

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